VARIOUS The Wash Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Aftermath Entertainment/Doggystyle/Interscope)

"The Wash", a Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg vehicle (pun unintended), is a remake of the 1976 film "Car Wash", and the accompanying album, whilst not being the new Dr. Dre album, has enough of his sticky fingerprints all over it to make interesting listening. It contains three new tracks by the man himself, one of which, the recent single and Knoc-Turn'al collaboration "Bad Intentions", is a near-classic slab of obscenity, a predictable but entertaining tale of "Drinking, smoking, straight West Coasting", whatever that may be. Knoc-Turn'al's brief falsetto vocal line is also strongly reminiscent of Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy's "Waterpistol Man".

The balance of the album is populated by the works of other artists, both known and unknown. D12's contribution, "Blow My Buzz", belies the cover sticker's "new music from" claim by sounding identical to the version on their "Devils Night" album, but a gaggle of alternately salty and sweet soul/R&B divas (Truth Hurts featuring Shaunta, Toi) bring a little more light and shade to proceedings than you'd expect to find on a Dre album - whether that's a good or bad thing is another matter entirely, of course. Bilal brings a smile with his/their quietly wicked "Bring 2" ("Baby bring a friend/Bring two") whilst Shaunta (again) rifles Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" album for samples to scatter throughout "Good Lovin'", a song that, ironically, positions itself closer to an x-rated remake of the soul man's "Let's Get It On". Brightest bit is the hillbilly hip-hop of Bubba Sparxxx's "Bubba Talk", complete with a slippery acoustic guitar sample and assorted farmyard noises.

So "The Wash" isn't exactly a masterpiece, coming largely from the mind of a man who has at least one to his credit, his foulmouthed but fantastic solo debut "The Chronic", but as a frequently entertaining trip through the state of at least one faction of early millennium hip-hop it's as diverting as it needs to be.