VARIOUS Soulfood (Good Looking)

"Soulfood" is the debut release from the Good Looking stable, progeny of LTJ Bukem's Looking Good label, and it collates thirteen tracks from twelve different artistes, all of whom, not surprisingly, have their sights directed towards the dancefloor. The mood is warm, balmy, downbeat and blissful: no brain-rattling breakbeats or ear-syringing acid squelches, the whole collection flows as a seamless, organic whole, sounding like the work of people who grew up listening to and loving funk, jazz and fusion. Nothing here shatters the mood, but Blu Mar Ten's "Special Thermometer (Lurve Stick)" deserves a special mention, simply for being so darn good - think "Talking Book"-era Stevie Wonder recast by The Chemical Brothers. It may take a while, but once you acquire the taste "Soulfood" is a many-coursed meal of delights.