VARIOUS ARTISTS Routes From The Jungle (Circa)

Given that there are so many excellent jungle artists out there in the ether (e.g. Goldie, 4 Hero, DJ Crystl) why has every jungle compilation I’ve so far clapped ears on been so unremittingly average? "Routes From The Jungle" attempts to be a definitive lurch through the state of the drum ‘n’ bass art from 1991 to 1995, but ends up being a pretty uninspiring corral of sci-fi samples, subtle-as-a-flying-greenhouse drugs references and uninspired, undistinguished tunes. Rising above the mediocrity are a remix of sometime Massive Attack collaborator Nicolette’s "Waking Up", which dares to actually have a vague verse-chorus-verse structure, and 4 Hero’s ever effervescent "Wrinkles In Time". The remaining sixteen tracks are virtually interchangeable five minute rumbles from the likes of household names such as Lennie De Ice, Dillinja, Jo and the soon-to-be-massive-’cos-they’re-from-Bristol-apparently Flynn and Flora. Almost null points, unfortunately.