VARIOUS Farnborough Groove Volume 9 (Farnborough Groove)

'Groove' isn't quite the first word I would associate with Farnborough, but the makers of this compilation ("Only a fiver!") might beg to differ. It showcases "22 Original Artists" (some stretching of the definition of 'original' there, I suspect, so lets bring out the dictionary to referee on this one: "initial, earliest; not secondary, derivative, or imitative; being the first instance or source of a copy, reproduction, or translation; inventive, creative"…hmm, I think the jury's still out) presumably from the Farnborough area, although Thirst (q.v.) are featured, whose press releases place them in Portsmouth, so maybe not.

What’s most disappointing about "Farnborough Groove Volume 9" is that the vast majority of the 22 artists on display conform to the dreary old angsty white boys with guitars template, as if living in Farnborough compels you to thrash out dreary very sub-Manics/Nirvana sludge. In this undistinguished company at least solo artist Wob tries something different, with two minutes of propulsive acoustic guitar and harmonica called "Out Of Season", and I-Jay contributes the thunderingly topical Finlay Quaye-lite of "Millenium Time Blues", which has some nice Dylanesque harmonica (again). But otherwise this CD is a gruelling way to spend an hour.