UNION KID The Test (1970 Recordings)

NME Gets It Wrong shock horror! I wasn't too kindly disposed towards this single when it fell out of the Jiffy bag, following a tepid 4/10 review of Union Kid's debut album in the NME, but happily my fears were unfounded. Although not an immediate hit, "The Test" is a brilliant, slow-burning dissection of rock 'n' roll myth and infamy with more than a passing nod to Kurt Cobain ("Kill yourself on Sunday/Be cool by Monday midday"), backed up by two fine b-sides "Track & Field" and "Get This Message Back To Base". I must have played it a dozen times so far and still form a smile at the line "Who loves indie?/Who loves rock?". And who loves Union Kid? Loads of people, in a deserving, perfect world.