SPRAYDOG Lintered (Ferric Mordant)

Spraydog are a Newcastle girl/boy quintet, and on the evidence of their debut album "Lintered" they seem to think that music stopped evolving around the time My Bloody Valentine released "Isn't Anything", and who knows, they may have a point. It's all here, from the flat drumming to the cryptic song titles and guitar overload, although the almost aharmonic harmonies owe a debt to the Pastels' DIY approach to vocal arrangements. Blatantly revivalist though it may be, "Lintered" is nevertheless great fun for all of its modest 35 minute duration, and although nothing here is fit to even clean the effects pedals of the likes of MBV's mighty "You Made Me Realise" or "Soon" chances are you'll be enjoying yourself too much to care.