SLINT Tweez (Touch & Go)

"Tweez" is the debut album from this now legendary Louisville, Kentucky quartet, famed for containing future Tortoise, Royal Trux and Aerial M guitarist Dave Pajo. Originally released on their own Jennifer Hartman label, the songs on "Tweez" are named after the band members' parents and pets, and the album's two sides are entitled Bemis and Gerber, after a popular American toilet manufacturer. Are you with this so far?

Musically "Tweez" is stacked to the brim with the expected highwire guitar theatrics that have undoubtedly influenced a generation of younger bands, the mighty Mogwai chief among them, with sly nods to the likes of Ry Cooder's "Paris, Texas" soundtrack music along the way. It may not have the edge-of-terror psychotic power possessed by certain moments of its more feted successor, "Spiderland", but as a key text in the ever-unfolding post-rock movement "Tweez" has more than justified its place in history.

Aerial M

For Carnation

Papa M