"A truly fitting millennial trance symphony", blares the press release, which begs the question, "Fitting for what?". "Another Day" began life as backing music to a Green Party's party political broadcast, and is mainly notable for the way it folds great swathes of Barber's "Adagio For Strings" into its waves of untroubling tunescapery. It has lyrics, sung in glossily blank trance fashion by one Jada, which provide further hefty evidence as to why dance music and words should be kept as far apart as conceptually possible. The entirety of these runs "It's just another day/Like any other day/Are you going my way?", sentiments that cannot be said to not become wearisome over the 45 minutes and seven mixes on this promo CD. The defence might argue that the words are intended as another instrument, functioning on a textural level, the obvious reply being in that case why not abandon comprehensible English entirely, in favour of Liz Fraser-style freeform goblin gobbledegook? Like the "Essential Underground House 'N' Garage" compilation I reviewed in the last issue, this is utility music, designed to soundtrack activity far more interesting than itself, a purpose for which it might be eminently suitable.