SI SEN SI A Very Nice Country E.P. (Beggars Banquet)

This is the first commercial release from Si Sen Si, containing tracks from two club-destined 12" promos. They draw "inspiration from The Bomb Squad" and Mad Professor as much as they do from Rage Against The Machine" - which must mean ‘not a great deal’ as The Bomb Squad’s ferocious track attacking that piledrives through any Public Enemy track you’d care to name is as absent here as Rage Against The Machine’s righteous rantalong angst. The de-energised dub meanderings that remain occasionally go for the rabble-rousing market with sloganeering like "We live in a very nice country" (I think they may be attempting sarcasm here), but are only notable for this listener because of the odd Hendrix and Frankie Goes To Hollywood samples that are peppered along the periphery of the mix. To clumsily paraphrase Steven Tyler, don’t get mad, get, uh, good.