SAVOY What I Mean To Say

This is a two-track demo from an unsigned Northern quartet who, according to Melody Maker, "have just come up with the first post - "Everything Must Go" sound" and "come close to being the best unreleased thing that I’ve heard all year". Hmmm. I can only conclude that the year in question must be around 1994, ‘cos all I hear is a bunch of Battle Of The Bands contenders who’ve stumbled on an amiable tune in the form of "What I Mean To Say", and the more predictably forgettable b-side fodder of "More Than I Can Take". If we’re talking post-Manics bands, Savoy stumble and fumble where Glitterbox soar into the unknown, and despite the press release’s assertion that "Savoy will be in your home soon. You will like Savoy" I know which of the two bands I’d place my money on.