THE RAINBOW PRESS There's A War On/Sunday Funnies (Hipschaft)

Another "2 Great Psych Albums On 1 CD" deal, this collects together The Rainbow Press' 1968 and 1969 albums respectively. Peter Jolly has already covered this mob in his "Is It Worth It?" series, so I'll just add that in the case of "Sunday Funnies" it certainly is, being a kind of jolly, sunny psyche that doesn't get bogged down in three-week-long guitar solos and sounds sufficiently removed from the kind of folk rock that I assume it must have grown from. Best tracks are "Great White Whale", "The Lost Platoon" and "Smitty's Rainbow", with honourable mentions earned by covers of The Beatles' "I'll Cry Instead" and Dylan's "As I Went Out One Morning". The earlier "There's A War On" is in a similar, if less confident, vein, with some hilarious contemporary spoken voiceovers on "Our Country's Still O.K." that are worth a time capsule of their own.