QUICKSPACE Supospot (Kitty Kitty Corporation)

Among much mediocrity and Pavement wannabees arrives the new release from Quickspace, the artists formerly known as Quickspace Supersport, a collection of limited edition singles, alternate versions, covers and other rarities. Not the best way for a listener to appreciate a previously unheard band, but against some considerable odds "Supospot" is an unexpected exercise in excellence.

How to describe the Quickspace sound? The grrl/boy vocals and unhinged melodies suggest a cleaner-living Royal Trux, there’s enough creaking old synths to impress the Stereolab enthusiast and even the occasional tuneful excursion into white noise to suppress the nagging itch at the back of the mind of every right-thinking indie kid that there may never be another My Bloody Valentine album in our lifetime.

Best bits are the almost perversely upbeat "Quickspace Happy Song No.1" and "Do It My Own Way", and the "White Light"-esque adrenaline rush that constitutes "Song For N.M.E". However, the other seven tracks (which include a cover of The Godz "The Whiffenspoof Song", of all things) are some distance from disappointing, all the more remarkable when you consider that "Supospot" isn’t even a proper album. That arrives ‘later in the year’ - expect great things.