PHUTURE303 Alpha + Omega (A1)

Phuture303 are distantly related to Phuture, credited with fashioning one of the first ever acid house tunes in the form of 1986’s monumental "Acid Trax". This album, recorded in 1996 but only recently released, suggests that their blueprint of thumping drum machine programming and sinuous TB303 melodies has altered little in the intervening decade, so look elsewhere for screaming, squidgetastic blowouts a la "Higher State Of Conciousness". What Phuture303 do is harder to pin down than that, and further obfuscated by the robotic voices that wreck some of the ten tracks. "Alpha + Omega" may yet turn out to be great - it’s certainly some of the purest dance music you’ll encounter, of a style that only the Americans seem to be able to make.