THE PECADILOES The Wanting Song (A&M)

Taken from their imminent debut album, "The Wanting Song" showcases a band that seem to be all over the place. Shouting/whispered/whooped vocals, a backing that sounds like listening to every single Portishead track ever at the same time, with added fuzz guitar and distressed synths, The Peccadiloes neatly sidestep the kind of pat comparisons that bands at similar levels of fame seem to attract like flies on sherbet. The mystery deepens on the version of the title track remixed by Automator (Cornershop collaborator and member of Kool Keith’s Doctor Octagon project) that consigns the constituent parts of the original to the corners of your head and parks a melee of scratching and rapping centre stage. I don’t know whether I like it yet, but they deserve points just for being so confusing.