NO WINGS FINS OR FUSELAGE No Wings Fins Or Fuselage (Saucer)

No biog with this, and the text in the booklet is cunningly almost exactly the same colour as the paper itself, so all I can tell you is that No Wings Fins Or Fuselage’s eponymous album was written, recorded and played substantially by one James Barnard on eight track equipment, with assistance from Dave John on bass and drummer David Patrick. Unfortunately No Wings Fins Or Fuselage waste their terrific name and some fine (in a sub-Hipgnosis way) cover artwork on Barnard’s bizarre apparent desire to be the new Frank Black; it’s all sci-fi lyrics, two-minute guitar rackets and when-all-else-fails-scream-and-shout vocals. Oh, and about 20 minutes of music has been ‘hidden’ before the beginning of the first track, which, if you really want to hear it, can be accessed by keeping your finger on your CD player’s rewind button for what seems like an eternity. I haven’t bothered.


Seemingly another project of Inhaler's productive James Barnard, "Electris" is a mini album that follows No Wings Fins Or Fuselage's eponymous debut, with which it shares three songs that appear here in new versions. It benefits from a far gutsier production than memory serves its predecessor was blessed with, allowing the listener to savour lyrics concerning UFOs, extra terrestrial happenings and, erm, green shit. If you enjoy Frank Black's solo albums, you might also tune into the music of No Wings Fins Or Fuselage, he says whilst straining to be diplomatic. For this listener, however, "Electris" was a very long way to spend 25 minutes.