LLORCA WITH LADY BIRD My Precious Thing (F Communications)

Ludovic Llorca is a Paris-based DJ and producer, and this single comes across as a refreshingly jazzy reimagination of Deep Dish-style house music. Not earth-shattering, you understand, but there's something about the woodwind samples that flutter in the background like a flock of, uh, seagulls (?) and the George Benson-esque electric guitar picking on some of the mixes presented here that sets "My Precious Thing" apart from the likes of, for example, the Baz single reviewed above. And, in a rare outbreak of friendly concern, a warning on the cover reminds the listener to "protect your ears when exposed to a loud source".

LLORCA Newcomer (F Communications)

"Newcomer" is the debut long player from renowned Parisian house music technician Ludovic Lorca, apparently assembled predominately in his home studio. It’s an hour's worth of easy, unchallenging, vaguely jazzy house music, obviously put together with care and concern, and it slides past the ears very pleasantly. But really, that's all it is. There's nothing melodically strong enough to hook and reel in the passing listener - compare Llorca's music to that of Deep Dish or Scott Grooves, for example, both of whom operate in roughly similar territory - and for all the immaculate professionalism demonstrated here the seismic shifts in French dance music in recent years (an explosion that has Etienne De Crecy's adorable "Super Discount" compilation at its epicentre) might as well have occurred on another planet. Which leaves "Newcomer" sounding lovely but utterly inessential and inconsequential.