LECTRIC MUSIC REVOLUTION Lectric Music Revolution/SEX The End Of My Life (Hipschaft)

"2 Great Psych Albums On 1 CD" beams the booklet, and who am I to argue? Lectric Music Revolution's self-titled opus dates from 1969, rather belying the fact that the band themselves in their far-out fashions look dressed for a quiet evening at The Rover's Return circa 1975. Their music is a pleasant sort of folk rock, far less psychedelic than you may be led to expect (as a reference point think "Jefferson Airplane Takes Off" without the promise of impending greatness) but not good enough to make you amazed that you haven't heard of them before.

Meanwhile, French quartet Sex offer up for your listening pleasure "The End Of My Life", which appears to be a concept album about syphilis, believe it or not. The presence of an electric saxophonist/flautist accurately suggests a heavy Traffic (as it were) influence, whilst the presence of eight-minute long multi-part epics indicates burgeoning prog tendencies. Like the Lectric Music Revolution album, not terrible but equally no surprise that it hasn't yet ascended to legendary status.