KHABBRA Khabbra (Good Time/Ozit)

At a guess (no press release again) Khabbra is the work of one man, a couple of guitars and a drum machine. To be honest, I was expecting something a wee bit unusual from the look of the cover, which features what looks like huge tracts of a Dutch to English dictionary, but the music it contains is sadly pedestrian and workmanlike in the extreme, with production effects that would’ve had Echo And The Bunnymen shivering in their overcoats in 1983, an approach to drum machine programming that shows just how soulful machine music is capable of not being (as opposed to, say, every dance record ever released ever), vocals that suggest EMF and songs that you really don’t care for/about. Kev has asked me to return this CD when I’ve finished with it, what with Ozit being such a small label, and I’m afraid that I don’t anticipate any sense of loss.