My Mum pressed this on me – she knows somebody who knows somebody who knows, or possibly is, the artist – enthusing that it sounded like David Gray. That’s not normally how I’d phrase a recommendation. However, during the four months that “Fireflies” was on my iPod, I lost count of the number of times that, when randomly presented with some kind of chiming acoustic guitar intro, my curiosity was piqued and, on looking to see who was responsible ,it was this feller. Given how my iPod’s been weighted down with Miles Davis and Robyn Hitchcock box sets recently, that seems like a telling comment on what it takes to sound fresh, original and interesting to my jaded ears.

“Fireflies” isn’t perfect – there are lyrics aplenty that make me all cynical and curmudgeonly, for example. But, if you have any interest in gently jangly, optimistic, summery singer-songwritery pop music then these five unpretentious feelgood tunes might be just the ticket. Have a listen at