DJAM KARET Reflections From The Firepool (Cuneiform)

No press release with this, but from rooting around I learn that Djam Karet are a Los Angeles instrumental group, and this is a reissue of their debut CD, originally unleashed in 1989. They favour long, complex pieces (two of the eight tracks here break the ten-minute endurance barrier) laden with keyboard and guitar tussling and ambient interludes, the whole being a huge helping that appears to be part Byrne and Eno, a little Rush and a smattering of Mahavishnu Orchestra. Unfortunately there's little that's desperately memorable here, and whilst Djam Karet's music might be technically commendable, there's scarcely a spark of heart or soul, or even sweat, in their songs. If you enjoy instrumental progressive rock this might be your bag, but despite a fondness for early Genesis, King Crimson and Yes it certainly isn't mine.