DEEP DISH Junk Science (Deconstruction)

Debut album from this famed Washington production/DJ duo who play what they call Deep House (sort of like House music but more so, if you get the drift), "Junk Science" sounds to me like the work of a cheerier Underworld: long, sequenced instrumentals punctuated by a smattering of vocal tracks, the best of which, "The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)", features Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn successfully furthering her dance diva credentials. Although its been spinning pretty much constantly round here for the last few days I can’t really get to the bottom of "Junk Science" because, ultimately it’s not how I like my dance music: not harsh, scary and spiky like the Aphex Twin, Jeff Mills and innumerable early acid house pioneers, too sophisticated to be mistaken for Derrick May’s ghost-in-the-machine antics and with precious little of Orbital’s grasp of a heavenly melody. Nevertheless it’d probably make the perfect soundtrack for a fortnight of Club 18-30 style Ibiza excess; it’s hardly Deep Dish’s fault that it doesn’t weave the same magic on a drizzly Sunday afternoon in Dorset.