CUBANATE Interference (Unacceptable)

"Interference" is the fourth album from the London-based industrial duo of Marc Heal and Phil Barry "acknowledged by The Prodigy as the forerunners of the techno and rock fusion that dominates the world's clubs and radiowaves" according to the press release, and co-produced by former Front Line Assembly member Rhys Fulber. As I really don't understand this whole industrial thing meself (even an off-beam Flying Saucer Attack, Jeff Mills or Aphex Twin platter providing more scariness per square inch in my opinion) I passed "Interference" on to my mate Beast, a card-carrying Cubanate fanatic, for analysis. He reported back that, save for the first track "It" and two previously unreleased recordings from 1996 ("The Pleasure Kick" and "No Ordinary Joe") "Interference" failed to measure up to the considerable best of Cubanate's previous output (1996's "Barbarossa", apparently), and their new breakbeat-dominated new direction appeared to be a dismal wrong turn. A black mark for the heavily distorted production as well. So there you have it: at least I'm nothing if not fair!