BLOWHOLY Psalm 666 (Ketamine Leper)

I have to admit that my thoughts weren't the kindliest when this fell out of the Jiffy bag from Kev. I seem to be on the receiving end of work by a depressing number of noisy, shouty bands that are under some strange delusion that Rage Against The Machine were/are an important contemporary cultural force, and that they should pay homage to them as frequently and with as much fidelity as possible. And guess what pigeonhole Blowholy neatly flutter into?

Well, certainly not that one, fortunately. At a guess, think early Sabbath gone drum 'n' bass; an evil and warty hybrid that is nevertheless a deal more interesting than much of the unknown stuff that comes my way. This five track CDR claims 'textures ripped from nakedcity, mrbungle, chalfhassan', which suggests an eclectic sampling ear is at the heart of Blowholy (as it were). Add this to the fact that what made Black Sabbath so different from (and hence more interesting than) many of their contemporaries was their ungainly blues and jazz roots, and you have to conclude that, with a less bedroom-bound production and sympathetic press coverage, Blowholy could well become very famous indeed.