BE/NON You’re Playing With Children In The Land Of The Bugs (Turnbuckle)

Another unknown-to-me mob of guitar-wielders, Be/Non would appear to be a Kansas-based trio who at least demonstrate a wry sense of humour (track titles include "Claw Use In The Autumn Years Of The 20th Century" and "Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal"; parts of the album were recorded "in Brodie’s dad’s newly remodeled kitchen" and feature "additional members of the local scientific community handling instruments we’re not comfortable with").

To my jaded ears Be/Non play a twisty-turny sort of metal/fusion/prog hybrid, as if early Black Sabbath were auditioning for Miles Davis’ backing band around the time of "Bitches Brew" - in fact this fractured, noisy music has a lot in common with what I remember Porno For Pyros sounded like...and I’m not fond of them either. Try it yerself, by all means, but don’t say you weren’t warned.